Veneers Gallery
Veneers 1 - Before

This patient was not happy with many things. One of her front teeth was discolored, and she did not like the spaces or the length of her teeth.

Veneers 1 - After

This is the result of her treatment after the placement of eight porcelain veneers. The color is very natural, the spaces have been closed, and the teeth have been lengthened.

Veneers 2 - Before

The main complaint this patient had was spacing, but he also wanted his chipped teeth fixed as part of the treatment plan.

Veneers 2 - After

This is the result after the placement of six porcelain veneers, which made the patient very happy. The spaces have all disappeared and his teeth look very natural, giving him a tremendous confidence boost.

Veneers 3 - Before

This patient had her front teeth bonded several years ago and the bonding was beginning to show its age by having lost some of its luster.

Veneers 3 - After

The treatment was to remove the old bonding and replace them with porcelain veneers. The result is very natural, life-like appearance and the patient was very happy!

Veneers 4 - Before

This patient broke his tooth when he accidentally bit into a fork while eating.

Veneers 4 - After

A porcelain veneer was placed and the result appears as if the tooth was never broken!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary in individual cases.